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Running book – would make a great gift for a running friend or family member. 


‘The Marathon’ is a cheeky, but family-friendly satirical short rhyming story accompanied by fun illustrations from the hugely talented artist come Jack Sparrow impersonator, Terry Cooper.


The story follows our hero, Runner, as he takes on the gruelling business of training for and running a marathon. Not a natural athlete, and with a weakness for cake and socialising, Runner faces many distractions along the way. But will he complete his challenge? 


Echoing the spirit of some of the most popular twenty-first century picture books, this satirical spoof is a clever hybrid between adult and children’s book, and you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy it. It’s a fun book for all the family with a slight anarchic twist. 


Written by Philippa Cates.


Please purchase directly from the author via this link.

N.B. Running Cards UK discount codes and offers will not be applied to this product.

The Marathon – Book by Philippa Cates

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